“I empower myself and others through continuous and rapid learning combined with smart use of technology to become more independent and live a meaningful life.”

Skills and virtues

This is what I do

  • I code

    Since the first day I've set foot upon the Internet I became fascinated with the nuts and bolts that make the Web what it is. I'm specialised in building websites and web applications with Wordpress. Almost all my projects in the recent years we're built using Wordpress. I develop mainly in PHP (Wordpress), HTML, CSS (SASS/LESS) and Javascript. Overall, my most important skill is the ability to understand technology and learning super fast! With these skills I'm able to tackle any problem in relation to developing websites and applications.

  • I manage and complete projects

    Since the first day I met SCRUM back in 2011, projects haven't been the same anymore. There's nothing more fulfilling then trimming down a complex or large project with a seemingly impossible deadline into smaller realistic and prioritized iterations. Over the course of the past 3 years I've helped implementing SCRUM at Refresh Interactions and served the role of Product Owner on most of our projects.

  • I consult

    Consulting is my second nature. I have a passion for helping people and companies and I rely on data to drive business decisions. I'm specalised in online and e-mail marketing, e-commerce and using technology in general to solve and assist in business related issues.

  • I've got great willpower

    Everyday I strive to learn something new. I actively push myself to become a better human each day. I travel, visit conferences, read books, articles and can sometimes get lost on Wikipedia. I tend not to wait for an inspirational moment but actively force myself out of my comfort zone to pursue new ventures and activities.

My values

How I do it


I’m able to adapt and learn fast. Learning is part of my DNA. Gaining knowledge, discovering new ideas and concepts and aligning them with business needs, I love it.


I thrive in a fast paced environment. Dealing within high pressure environments brings out my best solutions towards a problem.


Because of my diverse background & interests, I am able to see the world as others see it and able to communicate my understanding of another person's position or feeling.


Autonomy plays an important role in my (professional) life. As the author Dan Pink beautifully stated in his book "Drive": "Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.”


I've developed a sense of seeing, recognizing new oppurtinities. I'm optimistic.Combining ideas with skills and with the right people in order to make a dent in the universe is what I love doing the most.

Body of work

I started a company, managed projects, shipped new ideas, coded on applications websites and finished a few sideprojects View all

"If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business"

Simon Sinek

  • Geek
  • Creative
  • Awesome

About me

What I geek out about

osric caton avatar

Hey! I'm Osric.

Ever since I first came in contact with the internet in 1996, I've been fascinated with it. I instantly felt the strong urge wanting to be part of the internet by building for it and just be on it 24/7. I can honestly say: "I wouldn't be who I am today, if it wasn't for internet" :-). Next to the traditonal education system (I'm a bachelor in Economics) I learned most of my skills through internet and I really can't imagine a life without the presence of it. The thought alone of getting a real job... ;-).

Over the course of the past 18 years I became familiar with each and every aspect of web technology. And I caught some affiliated subjects on the way with it such as: (Online) marketing and (a taste for) design. I did a lot of (side) projects that touched subjects from server side programming to e-commerce. From e-mail marketing to building web applications. As a Business and Economics graduate I'm especially interested in subjects related to (Online) Business and the web. But most of all, I consider myself a Polymath due to my broad interests and drive to learn more and do more stuff without feeling restricted to a certain subject. s I enjoy the puzzle of solving open-ended problems. I'm an explorer on his quest to become independent in every aspect of life.

Do more. Be better.


I'm a huge tech geek. Everything from hardware, software, smartphones, servers and new technology captures my attention. I like to play around and build stuff with or at least on based technology. I like to play around with my Raspberry Pi and love to automate stuff at home.

I'm a huge hiphop fan

Ever since my first real encounter with HipHop in 1996 I've been hooked. I love energetic and authentic hip-hop based on real stories. My all-time favorites are: Jay Z, 50 cent, Drake, Opgezwolle, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Young Jeezy and DMX

I love to read

I read a lot. I love it. I own a kindle. I read a lot of blogs and I'm sucribed to MIT Technology Review. My favorite online sources of inspiration are:

Fitness & Nutrition

Work hard, play hard doesn't go well with neglecting your body and mind. I read a lot about the newest scientific breakthoughs and research on fitness & nutrition. I continue to improve my health and body by engaging a healthy lifestyle with some (more than) ocassional beers :-). My two favorite physical activities are Crossfit and Football.


My work experiences

2013 - now

Company Product Owner and Director of Operations at Refresh Interactions

2010 - 2014

Co Founder at Republish

2010 - 2012

Project manager and Front End Developer at Refresh Interactions

My education

2008 - Some day

MsC Business Administration - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2002 - 2007

Bachelor of Economics - Rotterdam University (Hogeschool Rotterdam)